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un cmyk


daria martin, soft materials (2004)

FROM the MIND of REI………..No.2

Rudy/Godinez, Fantasma, (2011)
man ray


Anatomy of a Relationship (Luc Moullet, 1976) 

calvin klein autumn/winter 1998-1999

Untitled | Rome 1990 | bronze | ca. 32 x 34 x 21 cm

2001 IG/RS, A.F. Vandevorst, MODE 2001 LANDED-GELAND, Antwerp.
Fashion lands in Antwerp and holds the city spellbound. Think of unconventional fashion and you think of Antwerp. With their characteristic approach, in design, know-how and final control, Antwerp fashion designers are not only a defining factor in today’s fashion world, but are also creating a cultural identity whose ingredients are passion, emotion, fascination, spontaneity, craftsmanship and originality. So their clothes represent not only a dream, but also a creative impact and an economic reality. Antwerp is increasingly becoming the absolute fashion metropolis. MODE2001 LANDED-GELAND will turn the spotlight on this phenomenon for several months.The initiators, the Flanders Fashion Institute and Antwerpen Open, appointed Walter Van Beirendonck, one of the giants of Antwerp fashion, as artistic head of this event. He is giving the city colour and a panoramic outlook, is presenting four captivating exhibitions: Mutilate?, 2Women, Emotios, Radicals and is launching a concept for a new international magazine. His belief in the future of fashion is based on an attitude which he wants to share with every visitor: ‘Think & Dream’.
An Vandevorst & Filip Arickx: Whenever we meet with Inge and Ronald — which is quite often — they immediately want to share their ideas. Straightaway we start brainstorming on all kinds of subjects. We can’t help it: their enthusiasm, their hunger for new things and their contemporary spirit proves infectious. Working with them gets you into completely different thought processes; raw and instinctive, strong yet fragile, always extraordinary. Afterwards, when we go our separate ways, we feel exhausted but totally satisfied. 

Mind’s Eye: Lasting Images
(Guggenheim, New York), 2014.